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Melissa del bosque interviews anabel hernadez, author of narcoland, a new book on corruption and drug cartels in mexico. The cartel was initially led by juan garcia abrego, the first mexican drug lord to be included in the fbis 10 most wanted list. One of the best books ive seen to understand mexican cartels, border violence, drug trafficking and the ramifications of spillover crime into america. Bones brothers, horses, cartels, and the borderland dream by joe tone 329 pp. It is tempting to separate mexico s drug cartels into six hierarchical groups, each competing for trafficking turf. When the mexican military began to intervene in 2006, the governments principal goal was to reduce drugrelated violence. My runin with a notorious mexican drug cartel expert. The mexican drug war is an ongoing, armed conflict between rival drug cartels fighting for regional control and against the mexican government forces. Drug dollars, killing fields, and the new politics of latin america by ioan grillo.

The bloody rise of the colombian and mexican cartels that control the global cocaine. But if you only look at isolated incidents, you dont get the full picture. If your answer to that question was yes, you should look at your life and choices. Either way, this intriguing book, which takes a look at the way drug cartels use the same kinds of business tactics as large legal corporations like mcdonalds and cocacola, will give you all the information you need. The true tale of americas opiate epidemic by sam quinones. Nonfiction books about mexican drug cartels wikipedia. How the drug cartels operate like walmart and mcdonalds the cartels business models are similar to those of bigbox stores and franchises, says tom wainwright, former mexico. Inside mexicos criminal insurgency by ioan grillo, the cartel by ashley antoine. The book examines the history and growth of mexican drug cartels and the. I think as one of the best books out there on the ongoing mexican drug war. End mexican drug cartels, and the cartels in the u. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

He could hardly have arranged a better launch for his book, which is already on bestseller lists. How the us gave guns to mexican cartels by john dodson. In september 2010, bettors at the all american futurity race in new mexico. If youre really looking at the mexican drug situation now, the story, basically, is you trade one. Inside the bloody cartel war for mexico s multibilliondollar avocado industry an avocado orchard in the mexican state of michoacan, where cartels have evolved beyond drug trafficking and now. On monday, the jalisco new generation drug cartel stopped a police convoy on a rural highway and opened fire, killing 15 officers and wounding five in the bloodiest single attack on mexican. The drug war has claimed thousands of lives in mexico and now the violence. Mexico s drug cartels, as well as widespread violence, money laundering and corruption, are elements which are as closely linked to mexico s image as its ancient civilizations. Winslow, 65, picks up where he left off with the cartel. Drug dollars, killing fields, and the new politics. Reported kidnappings jumped from 428 to 1,128 over the last decade. Now for the much darker side of the border in recent years. Grillo is an experts on the drug cartels and their history. Although grillo is british he seems to have spent much of his life covering the cartels.

Heres the leaders of 6 mexican cartels, according to the. I did the first book, power of the dog, it feels like a thousand years ago. The following 2 pages are in this category, out of 2 total. Mexico s rampaging drug cartels are a huge problem for the united states by sean davis. The mexican drug war is the mexican theater of the global war on drugs, as led by the u. Mexican drug cartels hit the headlines on a pretty regular basis, usually for some outrageously violent act or another. Mexicos war on drugs is one big lie world news the. Without assistance from any major drug cartel, the xalisco boys came to. Nearly 40,000 people have already lost their lives south of the border, and now the cartels have moved their operations north and into our cities. Anabel hernandez on mexicos lost drug war and her new. He was captured in 1996 and jailed for life in the us. An encyclopedia of mexico s crime and drug wars robert j.

Inside mexico s criminal insurgency is a nonfiction book of the mexican drug war written by ioan grillo. Opinion boycotting avocados wont hurt cartels the new. Mexican drug cartels kidnap busloads of people and force them to fight to death in gladiatorial contests see more. Mexico cartel kills 19, hangs bodies from bridge, chops up.

Two american teenagers and mexico s most dangerous drug cartel by dan slater. The bloody rise of mexican drug cartels by grillo, ioan isbn. The best books about the united states and mexico border. Pages in category nonfiction books about mexican drug cartels.

Somewhere in mexico this is the story of how i accidentally wandered into an extremely remote mexican village that was openly controlled by a ruthless drug cartel and what happened next. Dead, arrested, or on the run, 19 cartel leaders sit at the head of a handful of criminal groups bringing drugs into the u. Violence in mexico peaks as cartels fight over drugs and. The other week i was taking an uber from the airport, chatting with the driver about traveling and working around the world as a nomad. Mexico drug cartels across mexico and all around central and south america have announced they are ceasing production of heroin, meth, and cocaine, saying they are now producing a far more lucrative drug with the street name of hand sanitizer. An encyclopedia of mexico s crime and drug wars santa barbara.

Mexico city ap mexico s financial intelligence unit said late monday that it has blocked the accounts of five. Feds announce major crackdown on infamous mexican drug cartel. The us government has described the sinaloa cartel as one of the largest drugtrafficking. The bloody rise of mexican drug cartels audible audio. The gripping account of the outofcontrol drug wars that have brought chaos to mexico. Drug dollars, killing fields, and the new politics of latin. The autobiography of a mexican assassin by molly molloy, prayers for the stolen by jennifer clement, the fi. Mexico s rampaging drug cartels are a huge problem for the.

The bloody rise of the colombian and mexican cartels that control the global cocaine market, often with the complicity of the worlds biggest banks. Mexico city ap mexico s president acknowledged monday that drug cartels have been handing out aid packages during the coronavirus pandemic, and called on them to stop. As well as mexico, the author explores violence in. Just cue up any scorsese film or the documentary cartel land. The drug war has claimed thousands of lives in mexico and now the violence has crossed the border into the united states. Trump floating terrorist label for mexican cartels brings.

Mexican drug cartels force kidnap victims to fight to the death in barbaric gladiatorstyle contests the winner is often rewarded by being forced to go on a suicide mission and kill rival cartel members by shooting up their town. It has claimed almost 50,000 lives since 2006, and accounts for over ninety percent of all illegal illicit drugs entering the united states. Dan slaters book highlights the ongoing border war and drug smuggling that spread across news outlets like a pestilence over the last decade. After covering mexico s drug violence since 2001, i think it is extremely misguided to advocate boycotting avocados to fight cartels. Inside mexico s criminal insurgency, he takes a wider lens to the problem of drugs cartels south of the united states border. Illicit drugs flow from mexico to chicago via a loosely associated network of profitdriven intermediaries, with chicago street gangs serving as the primary distributors at the street level. Ruthless mexican cartel led by deas mostwanted fugitive. Hernandezs offence was to write a book about the drug cartels that have wrought carnage across mexico, taking some 80,000 lives, leaving a further 20,000 unaccounted for and forging a new. Mexicans sometimes lay the blame for the drug war on the united states, which is the source of the vast amounts of money that flow into the drug cartels, corrupting mexican society. From an experienced cartel analyst and special agent, this is a powerful and very comprehensive look into the broad scope of mexican drug violence and its impact on the security of our nation.

Mexico cartel kills 19, hangs some from bridge, leaves others chopped up on the road below a deadly war has engulfed mexico s southern state of michoacan, where cartels. Just a few months ago, nine members of the mormon church, three women and six children were murdered, possibly in a drug cartel cross fire in the northern mexican state of sonora. Anabel hernandez on mexicos lost drug war and her new book narcoland. Drug violence has long been a thread in contemporary culture.

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