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It is being published by cambridge university press. Humanrobot interaction hri can be defined as the study of the humans, robots, and the ways they in. Also explore the seminar topics paper on humanrobot interaction with abstract or synopsis, documentation on advantages and disadvantages, base paper presentation slides for ieee final year electronics and telecommunication engineering or ece students for the year 2015 2016. Robotics, ai, human computer interaction, and cognitive psychology. Humanrobot interaction is a multidisciplinary field with contributions from humancomputer interaction, artificial intelligence, robotics, natural language understanding, design, and social sciences. Multimodal approach to affective humanrobot interaction design with children sandra y. Okita, teachers college, columbia university victor ngthowhing and ravi k. Physical and affective interaction between human and mental. More specifically, he focuses on the effect of anthropomorphism on human robot interaction. There is a growing interest in evaluating of humanrobot interactions 11, 12.

Assume the user will stop supplying inputs, and the robot will complete the. Pdf humanrobot interaction hri has recently received considerable attention in the. Communicationbetweenahumanandarobotmay take several forms, but these forms are largely in. Recently, there has been an exceptional growth of attention by industrial endusers about the new possibilities opened by the feasibility of a safe human robot interaction hri, namely with robots and humans sharing a common workspace without fences on the factory floor and executing in collaboration a variety of useful tasks under safety premises. Other concepts for human and robot cowork envision large industrial robotic systems examples in fig. Toward safe closeproximity humanrobot interaction with. Similarly from the robot s perspective, the discernible actions of the human partner can trigger. We are testing these design primitives on everything from simple wheeled robots to humanoid systems. The sensor on the human s forearm, developed in conjunction with the rogers research group, allows the robot to understand muscle movements made by the human. This theme targets research that makes a designcentric contribution to humanrobot interaction. A thermal emotion classifier for improved humanrobot interaction.

Experiment with multiple methods of human robot interaction e. In this paper, we study patientrobot interaction schemes during cognitive stimulation exercises. Because hri depends on a knowledge of sometimes natural human communication, many aspects of hri are continuations of human communications topics that are much older than robotics. A survey article pdf available in foundations and trends in human computer interaction.

How could communication on a human way be possible with the turtles on the field during a match so strategic decisions can be made. This course will focus on the emerging field of human robot interaction hri. The origin of hri as a discrete problem was stated by 20thcentury author isaac. In the bretl research group, we are developing ways in which to communicate with robots to achieve particular tasks. One solution is to utilize the wizardofoz technique in which data is recorded as a robot is puppeteered through the task by a human subject. While direct physical harm is prevented through careful programming, this. Towards methodological principles for user studies in humanrobot. Optimization of temporal dynamics for adaptive humanrobot interaction in assembly manufacturing ronald wilcox, stefanos nikolaidis, and julie shah massachusetts institute of technology cambridge, masachusetts 029 email. Also, as hri is inherently a twoway interaction, it is also important to consider the predictability of therobotinordertoallowthehumantoanticipatetherobotsmotions andactions. Trajectory deformations from physical humanrobot interaction dylan p. Human robot interaction cannot be studied without consideration of a robots degree of autonomy, since it is a determining factor with regards to the tasks a robot can perform, and the level at which the interaction takes place. Humanrobot interaction hri has recently received considerable attention in the academic community, in labs, in technology companies, and through the media. Index termshumanrobot interaction, evaluation methods, user studies.

When a human interact with a robot physically, the human. Consider, for example, a hypothetical manufacturing scenario in which a robot uses a sharp cutting implement to perform a task in proximity to human workers, but is programmed to stop if a human gets too close. Right electroimpact robotic drilling arm this work is supported by boeing research and technology and abb, inc. Humanrobot interaction is the study of interactions between humans and robots. This is the virtual home of the humanrobot interaction an introduction textbook by christoph bartneck, tony belpaeme, friederike eyssel, takayuki kanda, merel keijsers, selma sabanovic. The role of trust and relationships in human robot social interaction a dissertation presented to the academic faculty by alan richard wagner in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree doctor of philosophy in the college of computer science georgia institute of technology december, 2009 copyright 2009 by alan r wagner. Learning outcomes get an overview of hri as a research field know the challenges when designing, building and evaluating a hri system know how to. The literature is expanding rapidly, with hundreds of publications each year and with activity by many different professional societies and ad hoc meetings, mostly in the technical disciplines of mechanical and electrical engineering, computer and control science, and artificial intelligence. Humanrobot coexistence and interaction in open industrial. The type of eye gazes a robot will use in a humanrobot interaction will depend on the context and goals of the interaction.

Humanrobot interaction georgia institute of technology. As a discipline, hri regards the analysis, design, modeling, implementation, and evaluation of robots for human use. Humanrobot interaction, humanswarm interaction, swarms, multirobot, operator interfaces, foraging authors retain and grant the journal of humanrobot interaction right of. Humanrobot interaction hri is currently a very extensive and diverse research and design activity. Five features for humanrobot interaction humancomputer. A survey of methods for safe humanrobot interaction interactive. To this end, we propose a testbed, specifying artifacts, apparatus, procedures, and metrics, that are either shared between both agents or dependent on for evaluating the performance of collaborative human robot interaction. This portal serves as a gateway to the hri research community with information on the hri conference, journal of hri, hri steering committee, and news about hri research and the hri community. This theme targets research that provides data on and analysis of human robot interaction, in laboratory or inthewild settings. Physical interaction between the participants occurs. Human robot interaction hri is a multidisciplinary field that seeks to better understand the nature of interaction between humans and machines. He has worked for several international organizations including the technology centre of hannover germany, lego denmark, eagle river interactive usa, philips research netherlands, atr japan, and the eindhoven university of technology netherlands.

Humanrobot interaction a research portal for the hri community. Humanrobot interaction hri is increasing in those workplaces where the manual activity is not safe nor efficient in terms of performance e. Trajectory deformations from physical humanrobot interaction. The act of controlling a device such as a robot remotely. Humanrobot interaction world technology evaluation center. Close proximity interaction between humans and robots is still a fairly new and. The main goal of hri is to enable robots to successfully interact with humans. It may be formative or summative in nature, and can be hypothesisdriven or exploratory. Humanrobot interaction is a multidisciplinary field with contributions from humancomputer interaction, artificial intelligence, robotics, natural language understanding, design, humanities and social sciences. For a teleoperated robot, the type of interaction is obvious. Abstract in this paper we base upon capacitive tactile proximity sensor modules developed in a previous work to demonstrate applications for safe.

Estimate u with usr g at each time step, and utilize c rob x, g,a, u for the cost. Methods for safe humanrobotinteraction using capacitive tactile proximity sensors stefan escaida navarro, maximiliano marufo, yitao ding, stephan puls, dirk g oger, bj. In these kinds of scenarios, the robot needs to be easily and rapidly reprogrammable, so that it can assist the user in a large variety of tasks, where different robot behaviors are required. Enabling humans and robots to work together in close proximity to each other would not only allow for more ef. The field of humanrobot interaction hri addresses the design, understanding, and evaluation of robotic systems, which involve humans and robots interacting through communication. In order to improve subjective evaluation, the number of modalities as well as quality should be increased. This w ould be the standard qmdp approach for our pomdp.

The key idea is to propose evaluation metrics for these interaction schemes to further enhance the collaboration. Using this cost, we could run qlearning algori thms to compute q g. Humanrobot interaction collaboration, communication, and coop eration between humans and robots is a rapidly growing area of robotics research. Methodology this study included two interactive sessions with a robot and three sets of video clips to elicit affective response to anger and happiness. Human robot interaction can be studied from either the perspective of the human participant or that of the robot.

Every robot application appears to have some form of interaction, even those that might be considered fully autonomous. This paper presents results from three years of studying humanrobot interaction in the context of the aaai robot rescue competition. Mar 24, 2006 human robot interaction research is diverse and covers a wide range of topics. Hri is the multidisciplinary study of human robot interaction. Explore humanrobot interaction with free download of seminar report and ppt in pdf and doc format.

Toward safe closeproximity humanrobot interaction interactive. Humanrobot interaction list of high impact articles ppts. This includes the design of new robot morphologies and appearances, behavior paradigms, interaction techniques and scenarios, and telepresence interfaces. Introduction the use of robots in urban search and rescue usar is a challenging area for researchers in robotics and human robot interaction hri. Multimodal approach to affective humanrobot interaction. Optimization of temporal dynamics for adaptive humanrobot. A mechanical system that takes inputs from sensors, processes them, and acts on its environment to perform tasks.

Collaboration, dialogue, and humanrobot interaction. For a fully autonomous robot, the interaction may consist of highlevel supervision and direction of the robot, with the human providing goals and with the. All aspects of human factors and robotics are within the purview of hri research so far as they provide insight into how to improve our understanding in developing effective tools, protocols, and systems to enhance hri. We discuss our study methodology, the competitors systems and performance, and suggest ways to improve humanrobot interaction in the urban search and rescue as well as other remote robot operations. Because of this attention, it is desirable to present a survey of hri to serve as a tutorial to people outside the. Humanrobot interaction research is diverse and covers a wide range of topics. Any taken over the 2 required count as technical electives. This introduction to human robot interaction, written by leading researchers in this developing field, is the. Learning robot objectives from physical human interaction. Humanrobot interaction seminar report, ppt, pdf for ece. Methods for safe humanrobotinteraction using capacitive. Sarvadevabhatla, honda research institute two studies examined the different features of humanoid robots and the in. Terrinet training human robot interaction hri training outline this twoday course provides an introductory hri course delivered by bristol robotics laboratory. Humanrobot interaction has been a topic of both science fiction and academic speculation even before any robots existed.

The format of the information exchange varies widely across. This introduction to humanrobot interaction, written by leading researchers in this developing field, is the. A humanrobot interaction testbed for collaborative robotics. The challenge for crowdsourcing humanrobot interaction is to develop a method for gathering interaction data on a large scale. This project explores how gaze, speech and sound, small movements, gesture, and proximity to the user affects the way that we perceive and work with social robots. Evaluation of humanrobot interaction awareness in search and. For example, a significant research effort is being devoted to designing humanrobot interface.

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